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Brandon Nelson


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Great people with tons of knowledge. Quality work is what you can expect from them.



Trish Cowling


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They always come to pick up our wave runner via the water when repairs are needed. Excellent service!






Ann D

Naples, Florida


“Great fun”

Reviewed August 15, 2014


My husband and I shared a jet bike (ski) and had great fun zooming around. We had been warned the water can be a little choppy in the afternoon, so if you prefer a smoother ride, you may want to book in the morning. Safety is paramount with this company, we went through a safety briefing on the dock. We were fitted with good quality and close fitting life jackets. Given a 2 way radio in case we needed help or they needed to contact us. Also what to do in an emergency. We had to wait a while for a storm to pass and were told we would be called in if they felt another storm was brewing, as I said safety first. We were assessed in the enclosed dock once on the jet bike before being let out to the open water. Once out in the open water, one of the team check that we were ok a couple of times. We were also advised if we wanted to take a break at any time we could do, with no loss of time. Great fun! Jet bike was fantastic, up to 55 miles an hour. Book in the morning if you want a smooth ride, if you like the challenge of a few waves, go later in the day.




Visited August 2014


Jim A.

Cumming, GA


5.0 star rating




We used the jet ski service and had a great experience! I know these folks personally. Dave and I have been on the water since we were kids; Dave and his family are highly experienced; they know what they're doing.

Rest assured, you will not be stranded out on the water if you have a problem. They give you your space to go have fun, but their chase ski driver is watching for any problems. We stalled/rolled ours and they were right there to get it going again.

Dave's family goes over & above to make sure you have a fun, safe day out there going crazy on the water!



Austin H.

Colorado Springs, CO


5.0 star rating




My family of three adults and three kids rented jetskis from Zorns in July of 2014.  We called them and asked about availability and pricing.  The staff who answered the phone was very helpful and informed us that we could take advantage of their "$240 4 hour rental" and make it a 2 jetski for 2 hours rental for the same price.  We agreed, and setup a time to meet them at their shop.  After arriving, the paperwork was fairly painless and they got all of us including the kids fitted with life vests quickly.  We soon headed out to the marina.  Once there, the staff walked us through operation of the jetskis and the law and rules about riding them in the area.


Long story short, we all had a blast.  The jetskis were tons of fun, the area was perfect for riding with plenty of space to goof around, and the staff kept in touch with radios the whole time.  We even had trouble with one of the jetskis after flipping it (oops) and they quickly swapped it out for a backup so we could get back to having fun.


I highly recommend Zorns and look forward to renting with them on our vacation next year.  Great price, great people, great fun!


Hope K.

Cartersville, GA


5.0 star rating




My boyfriend and I had a week to spend in Florida for our family vacation. We knew we wanted to ride jet skis and we looked for the best deal days before we actually went. My brother and his wife joined us off of a cruise they were on, for that Wednesday. We decided to go with Zorns Jet Ski Rental And Repair. They had the best price of $69/hr for early birds, which we missed, and $85/hr. We found a couple coupons at Sunrise Diner for 1/2 an hr free with a 2 hr rental. Both couples opted to do one jet ski a piece to save money. There was a $500 deposit to rent each in case of accidents and so forth. Understandable we thought. 2 of us had never been on a jet ski, my brother and I had, but it had been a while. They explained EVERYTHING fully. They were very honest and helpful in every situation. They told us what not to do to stay safe. We greatly appreciated being able to practice in the lagoon before going into open waters. We didn't end up doing the whole 2.5 hours but we were completely fine with it. They let us ride 3 jet skis for an hour since they had them there and no one was riding them. Us girls were scared and they worked amazingly with us. We had a fantastic time! We probably did 2 hrs and flipped two jet skis. They didn't charge us anything because both jet skis were fine and started up afterward. So they said because we used more jet skis than we rented, they'd cut our time by 30 mins. We all were completely fine with that. They were nice to offer us the 3rd ski and for about 10 mins we had 4. They were just awesome people. Very knowledgable. I would recommend them to ANYONE!


Saturday we were headed home. I needed my credit card to get gas on the way. I tried using it and it failed to go through. I called Theresa Zorn and left a message. I called my bank because I remembered her saying she wasn't going to charge us anything but the rental fees and that if the $500 was still there after 24-48 hrs to call my bank. So I did. Bank said the merchant would have to release it and it would fall off. I get off the phone with the bank and about 5 mins later, Theresa calls. She had already called her merchant company and they had told her that if we both call the bank they should drop it off. She calls the bank and has me on the line too. She does a lot of the talking, which was great. We talked to a Marcus who was telling us no one could take the authorization off. It would just have to fall off in 3-5 days. This made me very irritated. I couldn't believe that was possible. So I expressed this to Marcus. He gives the same answer. Theresa asks to speak to a supervisor (HIGH FIVE THERESA!) and within 5 minutes the authorization was off my card.


She also took pics for us and sent them to my phone. Just an amazing experience with an amazing family owned business. Thanks to the Zorn Family! :)



Kristina Gonzalez —  I'm new to the area, and I'm so happy my family found a wonderful mechanic. Zorn's repair shop is family-owned and I can tell you after meeting the family, I feel like I'm a part of it!! Thank you for being honest and trustworthy!!




Brian Conner —  I'm new to the area and as luck would have it, came across this shop. They've dealt fairly with me and it's good to have a local shop I can trust. They'll be my go to shop from now on!!!



Judith Minor

May 12 at 8:42pm.


I am very pleased to have found this great GEM of a business right here in Merritt Island. My husband and I needed brakes on our beautiful Cadillac. After stopping at two other automotive places, we came across Zorn's Repair & Transport Services. They are located right in the same plaza as the Causeway Dinner. We found the business to be a very clean facility. But the best part was meeting Chris Leo who spent a lot of time with us explaining was needed to be done to our car. He was very honest with his assessment of the brake job for our car. The best part, Chris went over the estimates I had received from two other places. He explained that some of the work they has listed was unnecessary. I checked with my son-in-law about that and he agreed. We all know how hard it is to find a good mechanic, just like a good doctor. Someone you can trust, gives good service for a great price and who is basically fair and honest. We found Zorn's....



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